1. Copyright Notice

PackMoo and third-party providers truly posses the copyrights of “Our Website Content”, which includes data, photographs, text, images, software, icons, maps, illustrations, designs and other materials. Any kind of inclusion i.e. modification, republishing, copying, transmission, storage or any other sharing of “Our Website Content” is prescribed without our written consent.

2. User Conduct on Our Website

You are only accountable for the content you upload, post, send or somehow hand out or spread to or via our website.

You agree on the term that you upload, send, post or spread any material to or via our website or is used in correlation or relation with Our Website Contents will not embrace any design, text, trademark, service mark, image, or any copyrighted work of any third party except you have got the right authorizations from the relevant owners for such use. You agree and guarantee that you shall not post, upload, send, or otherwise hand out or spread to or via our website any materials that are unlawful, offensive, or confines other users from visiting our website or contravene the proprietary rights or intellectual property rights of PackMoo or any third party.

The content posted by the customers or users are not controlled by us that is why we do not guarantee you the precision, quality or reliability of the content. If you find any content objectionable, unpleasant or offensive, under no condition we are accountable to that content you are exposed to.

You agree on the term the PackMoo official designees are authorized but not obligated to remove any content that infringe the terms and conditions of the services and is also not objectionable. We may protect content and can release the content, if we need to do so by rule or in the case it is important to:

  • Obey lawful process
  • Guard the rights, assets, or personal security of our website or, its users and the public.
  • Inflict the terms and conditions of service
  • Counter to claims that the rights of third-parties are violated by the content; It depends on you that you provide with the right and timely updated content for your order and request processing. Robot or any other automated means cannot access our website. False use of our website not compliant to these terms of service will be put on trial.

After using our website and placing an order on our website you are authorized and have all necessary rights to place the order and permit PackMoo to create products at your behalf.

After using our website and placing an order on our website you consent that you are legally at right age to get involved in any lawful commitments for any legal responsibility you may warrant to use our website.

Your password is always secured with you and you only have the entry to your registered account. You will be responsible for all the actions taken and the order placed from your registered account. In order to grant anyone the access to your account you have to grant us unlimited royalty free and non-exclusive license to use, replicate, sub-license, adjust, acclimatize, issue, exhibit and create copied works from the content on the website and on the in print product for the intentions of storing designs or handing out print orders.

You have to provide emails and names and the formation of password for future entry to the password secluded area of our website or in order to get the access to the certain portion of our website. We require detailed information which includes personal business information for registration of your account at our website.

You only have the access to your password and we recommend you not to disclose the confidentiality of your account or disclose or password to third person. We will not be responsible for the act of losing your password or the account information to any one and you shall be liable for any such illicit use.
By the use of our website and placing your order you agree to give us the authority to employ your information to according to the agreement describes by PackMoo Privacy Policy. You consent that you have read completely and comprehend our Privacy Policy, and you’re provided personal and business information will be utilized as mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

3. Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

You agree to take all responsibility and cleave to all harmless PackMoo.com which will include its members, suppliers, directors, representatives, employees, affiliates, sellers, and subcontractors  from and against any asserts, damages, in the event that an accuse, claim or demand, or negotiation, action or taking place (collectively, a “Claim”) is made or inaugurated against us, based on, concerning to or arising from the supposed wrongful acts of the clients, or alleging that the printing carry out or manufactured goods formed by us and ordered by the customer:

  • Violate any proprietary right or copyright of any person; or
  • hold matter that is defamatory, malicious, offensive, immoral or obscene; and
  • are the consequences of unauthorized right of entry to any password-protected area of our website. You shall assure and hold us risk-free from and against any failure, compensation, price and cost arising from or connected to the Claim including without restriction
  1. protecting us against any such declare
  2. paying any decision or award; and
  3. returning us for any legal fees and operating cost it reasonably incurs in replied.

Under no conditions PackMoo including its members, suppliers, directors, representatives, employees, affiliates, sellers, and subcontractors  from and against any asserts, damages, will be apt for any damage like injury, death, failure, claim, act of god, disaster, delay, or any special, penal, minor or substantial damages of any kind, whether based in tort, deal or otherwise, which come to pass out of or are in any way connected with any use of our website or with any setback or incapability to use our website, or for any software, products, information, data, or services acquire through our website, even if a party has been advised of the opportunity of such compensation.
In no event shall our total legal responsibility to you for all compensation, losses and reasons of action including but not limited to lack of concentration, arising from this conformity or your use of our website go over the amount paid by you to PackMoo for the order or demand.

4. Return and Refund Policy

We offer you to need to inform us at PackMoo because of customization of packaging and printing products and other services in three business days of in receipt of your order, if your delivered product is faulty or not as your ordered specifications. We cannot give you or refund or credit to you; however we will examine and if we made an error or find your original order defective, we will reprint. Purpose of defect is at the carefulness of our organization. To take delivery of the reprint of your original order, you must give digital photos showing the product blemish or return, at your own cost, the full magnitude of the original order must me return to us in 7 business days of taking away the original order delivery. Charges allied are non-refundable for expedited orders dispensation.

5. Payment, Order Placement, Cancellations

We show all data on our website in U.S Dollars. (USD). You have to pay in U.S. dollar to place your order. You have to do full payment which includes charges, shipping, taxes, and handling fees paid by the credit card or paid by the user of our website with an approved payment method until then we will not work on your order for printing job or other services.

Our users and customers of our website has to approve (it can be electronic file or hard copy) of manufactured product s or other service as the order is placed.
Following the authorization of proof by the Users or customers the printing jobs are propelled to the press. As the print job has been accepted by customer and delivered to press or via our website, no alterations are allowed to the files, job terms, or printing rotate time. You have a partial time of 4-hours after authorization of the proof to call off your order. Such deletion will carry a fine of $25 and 6% of total order amount whichever is superior before the order is cancelled. You can also terminate orders beyond 24-hours’ time perimeter. These types of terminations will carry a charge of 50% of the sum of order amount to cover up all work done in our department and monetary costs associated with termination. We don’t assure that your order will be cancelled past 24-hours’ time perimeter.

6. Design Orders

PackMoo does not refund or issue credits for any design services order. All design orders are permanent and non-refundable once placed.

7. Customers Submitted Artwork/Files

Our planners and professionals create electronic or hard copy data from the website users or clients’ submitted artwork/files. We expect that your submitted artwork/files must be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolutions at the ultimate size and in CMYK format. If your files are not acknowledged at 300 dpi at the final size and not in CMYK format, we will not be liable for printing as tainted, distorted or pixilated and color changes correlated with modification to CMYK.

You are liable for the accuracy of your print-ready artwork/files including any issues as to direction or adjustment of the pages of your submitted documents. Though we have all feasible protections against the failure of your submitted artwork/files, we are not competent for the deterioration or destruction of your visual/files.

By uploading artwork/files to our website you admit that you are the lawful holder of all information you are uploading or you have once received appropriate rights to use such information.

We have the right to turn down an order, which in our point of view may be unlawful in nature or a violation of the rights of any third body. You receive full contractual obligation for the content of material handled and printed on your favor and under your directions. We retain the right to reject an order without telling a reason. Please note we do not undertake offensive, immoral or indecent material for printing.

8. Proofs and Color Accuracy

We require the users and customers of our website to grant proof (it can be an electronic file or hard copy) of the printing products or other services they order. No job will be sent to press without your authorization of proof. It is thus your accountability to log in to the description and check on the proof. We are not legally responsible for delays in the order caused by customer’s non-approval of the proof. Please understand the spin times mentioned in our website start after your authorization of the proof.

Please evaluate your proof methodically prior to approval. You should make sure it against the original file for probable errors in layout, spacing, copy, image placement or punctuation and bleeds crops, proportion, and final text. Electronic proofs do not show intelligibility; over print issues or color alter from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. Please make a note of, application of UV outside layer or lamination may influence or change the appearance of the printed colors. We are not accountable for the ultimate color appearance of a covered product(s).

9. Customer is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved proof

We will reflect color from submitted print-ready files as firmly as feasible, but cannot precisely match color and frequency. Because of natural limitations with the printing process, as easily as neighboring image ink requirements, the efficiency of color print is not ensured. By installing an order with us you conform to this limitation. We will try our finest to test the gradient density of each color, but we are not liable for color changes between submitted files and the ultimate printed piece or the original artwork or product they produce. Under no actions will a reprint be observed for color changes that have taken place during the printing process. We are not accountable for color matching or ink density on screen proofs that you agree. We will guarantee color accuracy and test if you order hard copy information from us. Please note hard copy proof will be sold to you on a little bit more amount.

10. No Liability for Errors

PackMoo is not accountable for omissions in an ultimate product generated by any of the following:

Misspelling and Grammar, Damaged Fonts, Graphics, Sticks, Punctuation, Overprint, Wrong Improper or Missing Folds, Die Lines, Crop Marks, Clarity, Crashes on Folds and any issue due to Gang Printing.

11. Finished Product Size

PackMoo does not use gang printing for most printing works. At points and based on the needs of our individual website user, we may choose a printing technique that is best served for specific print information or items.

12. Overruns/Under runs

We will usually deliver the precise quantity of goods ordered plus a small extra amount. There is no extra charge for the supplementary amount. In the event of below run, we will bill for the real quantity delivered. We pursue the usually conventional trade practice of delivering bonus or less 5% of the ordered quantity.

13. Production Speed, Shipping and Delivery of Orders

Production speed and printing turnaround time start AFTER your artwork/files have been uploaded, revised and approved by our prepress department, you have allowed the press-ready proof (whether an electronic file or hard copy) and a maximum amount including applicable taxes, export, and supervision fees have been carried out. During the direct placement process on our website you have the ability to make production speed which shows a number of business days needed for printing your order and making it ready for adjustment to the export company for transportation.

We require all efforts to print and export your orders in a proper way. In no instance shall PackMoo be liable for any concerns or accidents arising from any hold in transportation or shipment. You agree not to hold PackMoo liable for delays in deliveries generated by atrocious weather, shipping company holds, systems issues or any new causes beyond our direct control. In the case of suspension due to technical issues or equipment failure during the printing process, accelerated charges will be paid back. Orders cannot be canceled due to hold in the printing process.

You conform to pay off all customs services and fees on goods that are shipped to their respective locations. It is the duty of the customers to carry out adjustments to clear customs for goods delivered outside the United States.

PackMoo offers Standard 6 to 8 business days to ship the product and 4 or 6 business days plan for expedited shipping (with 2 to 3 business days for ground Shipping) to any ONE LOCATION PER ORDER within USA with no capacity or weight limit. Shipping to other stations will be charged extra. We do not guarantee shipping and delivery transit times and are not liable for delay, loss, destruction or fraud to the printing products during shipping and distribution. PackMoo will not be held liable for accidents which occur in shipping. Lost or damaged shipment claims can be registered after 6 Business days from the container shipment date.

If you give us incorrect shipment delivery address or otherwise make an error in the submission of the complete delivery address, we will demand additional shipping charges and administration charges for re-transportation.

14. Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions

We withhold the right to amend any section of our website and Terms and Conditions at any moment with or without consideration to the users and customers of our website. The changes to our website will become part of our website and the original Terms of Services will be placed on our website and will be useful forthwith. Your continuous control of our website after such variations are posted will empower your agreement to such variations.

How to contact PackMoo?
Please contact us via email sales@packmoo.com

15.  Signup for Free-Reseller Program:

PackMoo inclusively offers free reseller signups which can serve up to 40% off on your ideal quotes. All your subsequent inquiries are dealt with discounted quotes. While dealing with the order you can call for a from our markets rep. or email us at sales@packmoo.com  with the subject to: Reseller form needed. We will deliver you the format within 24 hours of your application. The form can be sent to sales@packmoo.com or your account manager.

We are determined to give you the best services with competitive price to our resellers. For more information, you can call us at +(872) 260-6849.
*Resellers are free to market the product through their own brand, stores, channel or website.