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The Importance of Custom Packaging Boxes in Business

Design trends

More and more product-based companies are regularly employing the use of custom packaging. Marketing and product sales can both benefit from well-designed, branded packaging. Sixty percent of customers are more inclined to buy your goods if it is presented in an enticing, custom packaging boxes.

Bottles of wine presented in attractive packaging, such as gift boxes, may sell for significantly more than their shelf-bound counterparts. The packaging conveys information about the product and the company, helping the latter stand out in a congested marketplace.

It`s no wonder that custom packaging is gaining popularity because it helps companies increase profits. There are various uses for custom packaging.

Interested in customising your shipments and reaping the benefits? Keep reading to see why unique packaging is crucial for your business.

What Is Custom Packaging?

In the case of custom packaging, the product is placed in a box bearing the customer`s name and other pertinent brand information. They are frequently paired with a distinct colour scheme, design concept, or subject. You can use a variety of printing techniques, including foil stamping, spot UV printing, and embossing, to customise them.

Recognizable packaging can boost a product`s sales and can even convey information about the owner, the company, and the product itself. Depending on the durability of the packing material, most packaging will serve to protect its contents from harm. Primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging are the three categories of packaging used. 

Primary packaging refers to the most fundamental method of packaging that a customer can pay for. The second and third tiers are heavily influenced by custom packaging. Packaging and shipping include securing goods in boxes such as boxes, cartons, and pallets, and then transporting them to their final destinations.

Designing, developing, prototyping, and testing are all essential phases of any successful packaging project.

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

Custom packaging may come from a variety of materials, including:

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are an easy-to-work-with, sturdy carton box material. The variety of paperboard box styles is extensive.

The exterior of solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boxes has a clay coating, which is what gives them their brilliant white colour. Because of their flat surface, they are often the ideal option for perishable items like baked goods, meat, and other foods that spoil quickly.

Boxes made from coated unbleached kraft (CUK) have a rustic appeal. Consumers who appreciate the ecologically conscious aesthetic of repurposed materials will appreciate this. Custom cereal boxes are the best example of this material’s application. 

These boxes are ideal for transporting heavy items like cleaning agents, soft beverages, and other comparable products. Cereal and pasta are two examples of dry goods typically sold in online stores in coated recycled paperboard packaging. It`s woven from fibres and finished with clay to improve its appearance.

Chipboard paperboard, sometimes known as proclaimed stock, is a low-cost bespoke packaging option. It can easily deteriorate in cold, damp storage environments and can`t support big loads.

Corrugated Boxes

The best way to transport items from one location to another is in these boxes, often known as cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are standard packaging for Nike footwear. Another distinguishing feature of these boxes is the size of their flutes. With larger flutes, your product can better absorb shock and resist against deformation.

Paper Bags

Paper bags have a wide variety of uses and are simple to create. Moreover, paper bags were a common packaging tool until the invention of more modern alternatives. Because of this, paper bags may be found at practically any supermarket. On top of that, they`re made from extremely eco-friendly materials that any businessperson with a conscience could desire to employ.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes may be costlier than some packaging materials. They come from highly condensed paperboard, which makes them thicker than normal. Moreover, they are not collapsible like other kinds of paper and are good for shipping purposes.

Hence, with the help of their rigidity and strength, custom magnetic closure boxes provide a perfect solution for vendor’s fancy packaging solution.

It`s possible that there are less expensive alternatives to rigid boxes. This is because they come from dense paperboard. It makes them noticeably thicker than standard packaging. So, you can also use them for shipping because they don`t fold easily like regular paper. You may store valuables like as iPhones, shoes, and jewellery in them.

5 Importance of Custom Packaging for your Brand

Custom packaging is an important aspect of every firm that sells products.

Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

A custom box is a great method to get your brand in front of consumers` eyes. Typically, a company`s reputation extends no further than its home state or city. Because of this, manufacturers and retailers often include information in their product packaging aimed at attracting customers in other nations and states.

Branding your package with your company`s name, logo, and contact information is essential. It`s possible that this will bring in a flood of new clients for your company. Products that come in eye-catching packaging are a great way to spread brand awareness.

So, try using custom boxes with logo and make your products more noticeable in the market with an appealing presentation.

We can now advertise our wares without depending on traditional media like television and newspapers. If you want people to know about your products and buy them in bulk, a well-designed custom box is an investment worth making.

Secures your Product from Damaging

Custom packing has been especially useful for fragile goods. Is it upsetting to you if a product you ordered arrives slightly damaged, such as having a scrape or a broken corner? That`s a horrible sensation, right? Knowing that your products will arrive to your customers in pristine condition is a lot easier when you use custom boxes. 

When an internet customer receives just what they ordered, they are quite satisfied. In doing so, they remain satisfied and committed to your product.

Moreover, we at PackMoo, assure the success of a company experimenting different packaging for its products.

Enhances Customer Experience

Custom packaging improves the customer experience in a number of ways. You may rest assured that the things you sell are the actual deal. However, it`s important to consider that your customers may not always care about that. 

Customers often make impulse purchases, therefore it`s important for merchants to cater to their visual preferences. Having well-made products in attractive packaging will ensure continued patronage. 

In addition, it`s a big plus for customers when their orders don`t arrive in shambles. Think about buying an iPhone without the beautiful Apple iPhone packaging. It`s possible that you don`t feel like a loyal Apple user.

Effectively Increase Brand Value

A "Wow!" moment from a consumer is something that should be given to every single one of them. Consumers typically tyre of perpetually receiving the same dull brown boxes. This Christmas season, you can decide to throw them for a loop by switching up the style of your specialised boxes and packaging.

Put bold colours and patterns on your boxes to give your customers the anticipation they`ve been waiting for. Amazing experiences often have positive ripple effects. Making films with your customers using their luxury custom packaging boxes is a great way to advertise your business.

Even if they haven`t seen a custom bundle with all of these items for you, your buyers will still have a high opinion of your products because of this.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives from Traditional Packaging

Most specialised parcels are constructed with eco-friendly components. Waste is reduced as a result. Paper boxes are recyclable. 

We at PackMoo, don`t use any chemicals that would be harmful to the environment either.

Hence, manufacturing papers like corrugated cardboard and kraft paper is possible without the use of harmful chemicals. Thus, they all qualify as eco-friendly options. So, choose an eco-friendly material for packaging and start gaining more customer’s insights at your page.

Things to Consider While Choosing your Custom Packaging

If you want to impress a friend with a gift of brand-new things in special packaging, you need at least get the details correct. The size and quality of the custom boxes you select will depend on the nature and dimensions of your product.

Cosmetics, gadgets, cookware, and other small items can all find a home in a custom box. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you shop for a tailored offer:

Affordable Price

When you buy in large quantities, you can usually receive custom packaging at reasonable pricing. Free, custom gifts for clients are occasionally sent out around the holidays. Therefore, make cost-effective and custom bundles your customer’s top-priority. Costs associated with the design shouldn`t be prohibitive either.

In short, you can order wholesale custom boxes from PackMoo at an affordable price range. Hence, your budget would be more friendly towards you as a business.

Try Different Materials

You should research a few options before committing to a large order of custom packing materials. Be sure you purchase the appropriate material for your intended project. Are you looking for durable and sturdy materials? The use of cardboard and kraft paper for packaging is acceptable. 

They`re not too pricey right now, and you can use them to create unique packaging that will keep your belongings secure without breaking the bank.

Check out Colours and Finishing

It`s crucial to choose a custom package with appealing colours and a high-quality appearance. Having a distinct hue will help your product stand out from the competition.

People are more likely to recall your brand if your bespoke packaging uses a consistent colour scheme that complements your overall brand image. The matte black colour boxes, featured on the iPhone 12 Pro series, are one such example.

Shape and Size

It`s important to consider both form and function when selecting a custom package. If you take the time to measure your goods and gear, you can pack them safely and securely into the appropriate container. 

You can safeguard your products against negative publicity and physical harm with this. So, you can spare your money by avoiding unnecessary components for your packaging boxes.

Go for Themes

In addition, you get to choose the designs that suit your packages the best. The use of consistent themes, colours, and patterns can help clients identify with your brand and even attract new ones.

You can utilise seasonal colours and themes on your packages, such as red and white for the holidays or a floral print in the spring. A well-executed theme can transport your customers to a specific period and place.


Custom packaging is a crucial aspect of every enterprise. It`s a boon to your bottom line, brand awareness, and customer acquisition efforts.

In addition, you`ve got a lot of happy consumers because you sell a variety of unique boxes in your shop. There may be a twist this Christmas as well. Why not do something special for your frequent clients? Give this vacation a shot.

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